Bring the walls of your house to life

Bring the walls of your house to life

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- The measurements of each quarter are: the upper rectangle, 100 cm high by 50 cm wide. And from the bottom square, 50 x 50 cm. - STEP BY STEP: First, and with the help of the guide, cut the miter moldings (diagonally), so that the joints in the corners are perfect: 4 pieces of 1 m and 12, 50 cm. Sand the cuts to remove burrs. Take the level and with the pencil, point on the wall where you want to place the moldings. Apply glue on them and fix them. Then paste the rosettes. While drying everything, protect plugs and skirting boards with bodybuilder tape. Place plastic on the floor. Once dry, paint the wall with the roller and, if necessary, review the moldings by brush.

- 5 polyurethane moldings 2 m long and 2 rosettes 32.5 cm in diameter.
- Glue.
- Guide to miter with saw.
- Pencil, meter, level and sandpaper.
- Blue paint.
- Roller, brush, body and plastic tape. (Everything, from Leroy Merlin)

Advertising - Read on below Customize your wall

When you apply the glue on the moldings and rosettes, try to spread it well throughout the surface to avoid sticking sticks. If it still happens to you, clean quickly with a white cloth. Watchman (€ 275) and vase (€ 36); from The Furniture Globe.

A wall with many cubes

Beautiful and practical, the success of this shelf composition lies in its different sizes and finishes. Large cube with bottom, from El Globo Muebles. Big white cube, from Ikea; Small, by Leroy Merlin. Baskets, from Los Peñotes.

Decorate your wall with dishes

Take advantage of these pieces and hang them on the wall of the kitchen or dining room. Plates and white wooden staircase, Los Peñotes. Pots and plants, from Ikea.

Fill the wall with pictures

It is an upward trend, groups models of different styles and sizes, with or without a frame, and intercalates mirrors, clocks or letters. Cuadros, by Ikea and Leroy Merlin

Decoration with pictures and books

A studied disorder reigns in this corner that offers a very personal conception of decoration. Tables and books are a couple that marries very well; An infallible trick to harmonize the set was to choose a similar finish for the frames. Prints and postcards, by Ikea and Fann.
Are you good at crafts? Discover how to get the most out of your gift and make your own frames with boxes, mirrors or old models that you have at home. Decap, paint and go! They will look like new.

Pictures and more pictures ... Optical illusion

Getting a composition as shocking and balanced as this seems difficult; but it has a trick, it is actually a wallpaper mural that reproduces different frames, mirrors, plates, etc. Memories composition of the Pip collection, by Coordonné. It has measures of 2.80 x 2.79 meters.

A composition of children's paintings

Children need to have their referents close by: family photos, their favorite drawings, images that are pleasing to them… Take advantage of it to create a small exhibition with the most relevant in their room. Select a few simple frames to give unity to a set that, for sure, will have a varied and multicolored theme. All frames and stuffed animals come from Ikea.

Glass printing

New technologies and digital printing processes make it possible to reproduce an image in virtually any material and format. One of the great advances has been the use of glass as a support. The result is modular compositions like this one, called Poppy and made by Eurocuadro.


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