Cabañas de Canide: an ecofriendly accommodation in Galicia

Cabañas de Canide: an ecofriendly accommodation in Galicia

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Canide Cabins

More and more tourism offers are advocating for projects eco friendly, and is that the planet Earth cries out to be pampered as it deserves. Have fun, yes, but in a sustainable way. And today we have the pleasure of presenting you one of those accommodations that conquer just by mentioning its name and that, of course, are respectful of the environment.

Canide Cabins, located in the Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo Biosphere Reserve area, the second Biosphere Reserve on the surface of Galicia, are a series of wooden houses of ecological construction equipped with everything necessary to spend an unforgettable weekend In nature.

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The complex is located in the Urbanization Santa María de CanideMera, 12 km from A Coruña, and can accommodate a maximum of 20 people, families, couples or groups of friends who will be lucky enough to contemplate the A Coruña estuary and the Tower of Hercules, the Roman lighthouse more Ancient of the world.

Another of the undoubted attractions of the cabins, is that access can be made by walking through the promenade that is just below, next to the idyllic Cala Portelo. But there are also forests and a multitude of parks, among which the cliffs of the Seixo Branco stand out.

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