Vintage terraces

Vintage terraces

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Fever vintage, which has been triumphing in interior decoration for some time, also devastates outdoor. The decades ago furniture, both those who have aged well, and those who accuse the passage of time and show their wear to a greater or lesser degree, print to the environments outdoors character and solera. That's why they like them so much, but also because they are easy to combine with each other, although their origins and materials are diverse. There is not one vintage, but many.

Wooden furniture almost always solid and handmade, braided fiber, wrought iron, stone... are the opposite of current designs, very refined lines and new, lighter materials. Romantic and evocative, the reference for the pieces vintage It is the furniture of farmhouses and country houses. And yet, that style of yesterday also decorates the exteriors and the most urban roofs. The mex & match of furnitures that creates personal and welcoming environments indoors, makes its way into terraces and gardens in its most natural and fresh version, also free. The designs of almonedas and brocantes They are a safe bet, but also recovered, recycled parts, factory Y shabby chic.

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The passage of time has left its mark on the furniture of this terrace. The wear on wood and metal paint, and all its nuances, are real, have not been created by applying any decorative technique. An environment outdoors that distills authenticity. Wooden and iron furniture, by Mestre Paco.

Designer chair

This classic of modern interior design, created in 1967 by Verner Panton, is also suitable for outdoor use. With its matte Summer Green color, the chair Panton, from Vitra, in dyed polypropylene, distills freshness.

Movie director chairs

Light chairs, easy to transport and store. Just what is needed in
a shoot, so that actors and directors work and rest. Director's chairs, such as Unopiù, so used in sets in & outThey are also outdoor bestsellers because they resist exposure to sun and rain well.
Although, like other wooden furniture, they will last longer if you apply a protector, such as Lasur Satin Sunfrom Xylazel

Furniture with fiber mesh

Chairs, armchairs, sun loungers, tables ...
the furniture with braided fiber structure has always decorated the outdoor spaces. Yesterday, they were only made in handicraft workshops. Today these pieces continue to be made, but many are produced in series, in rattan in its two versions: natural and synthetic. Chairs Marie, from the firm Sika (€ 445 each).

Neorrustic Pots

They are ceramic, as tradition dictates, but they are updated in some detail. In these, the upper part is decorated with a mottled and rough strip, whose texture contrasts with the base. Pots Lombardyfrom Bauhaus; from 20 cm high (from € 8.95 each).

Natural cane chair

The most summer colors give a new look to wicker, cane and rattan furniture. With a colorful cushion they form irresistible duos. Armchair Savannah, of natural and stackable cane (€ 49), from El Corte Inglés.

Summer Cushion

Cushion Singular (€ 29.95), from El Corte Inglés.

Classic iron table and chairs

With scrolls on the chairs and an elegant rosette that decorates the table, the design of these models evokes the romantic exteriors of other times. In this case, with practicality, the furniture is foldable. Galvanized iron set Terrace hillfrom Butlers; It includes two chairs and a circular table, with a diameter of 70 cm (€ 129).

Vintage stool and recycled planter

A corner with charm that features retro metal cans, used as pots. Next to them, a vintage forge stool; The OK Design firm has a similar design.

Mosaic table

Artisanal and artistic, the mosaic brings all its beauty and color to the exteriors. Your faithful partner: the forge. Similar table, in Kasbah and Zelart. The floral centers, with artificial coves, are from The Details of Sonia Mompó.

Brightly colored chairs

The trendiest yellow harmonizes with the most radiant sun. And arouses maximum interest outdoors. Metal chair, available in more colors (€ 39), from Rice.

Yellow bowl

Rice Bowl (€ 10.90).

Furniture of different times and origins

They marry well with the stone facade of this country house, making it a country house with a lot charme. In the foreground, wicker armchair with gray patina created by the passage of time, and a table with cracked paint. The armchair (€ 120 approx.) And the rest of the furniture, come from the brook Carina Casanovas.

Table with industrial design and wheels

Perfect on eclectic and aesthetic porches factory. Mesa, by Maisons du Monde, in wood and studded metal; It measures 1.30 x 0.80 x 0.29 m (€ 399.90).

Furniture with patina

The combination of colors and its aged appearance add charm to the wood of this furniture. They make the rocking chair, inspired by the armchair Adirondack, and to the side tables in unique pieces. Furniture, by Maisons du Monde: rocking chair (€ 299.90) and tables (€ 89.99 each), in recycled and patinated wood, and bench, in solid handle (€ 599.90).

Garden jewelry

A cart with huge wheels and a lattice tray tray is a vintage treasure, to contemplate and use. It will give any corner an air of flower market or retro florist. This French model (€ 480) and other chic furniture and accessories can be found at Federica & Co.

Old complements

A plus at outdoor dinners: rescue the accessories of other times, stored in the sideboard, to create an elegant staging. They can be refined crystal candlesticks (€ 23 each) and an old ceramic fountain (€ 65); like these, from Affari.

Wrought iron furniture

The outdoor wrought iron furniture scares the passage of time and retains its charm. The most classic designs are a safe bet.
In this case, all the furniture and pergola, of the Unopiù signature, are wrought iron: deck chair Leandro (€ 605); table Thor; chairs dawn (€ 150 each); and pergola Provence: attached and curved, it is available in several sizes.

Flowers on your terrace

Give more freshness to any corner with plants. Also with the artificial ones. Bamboo Fejka and pot, from Ikea.

Mural on the terrace

A mural on the wall focuses attention on this living area that also provides more visual depth. In it, in addition, an industrial aesthetic table stands out for its uniqueness. Interior design, by Eva Martínez. Mural, by VT Vinilos. Mesa, Blue-Earth. Fans,
from Inthai.

Give color and dynamism to your terrace

An intense and vibrant tone completely changes any exterior, as is the case with the cauldron color that enhances the work planter with hydrangeas. Basic, a quality painting
That does not discolor. Firms like Bruguer have outdoor paints. Greenhouse and zinc cube, Los Peñotes. Pot holder, from Ikea.

Emmanuelle style armchair

A movie was enough to turn this braided armchair into a decoration star. Before being famous, it was one of the armchairs that were used in the homes of the French colonies of the South Pacific. Today there are multiple versions, like this model, of Maisons du Monde (€ 299.90).

Charming lights for the terrace

LEDs succeed in outdoor lighting, but in a vintage environment the design of the lamps is important. Its forms and materials must be evocative and harmonize with the environment. Perfect, for its delicate air, the wall light Venexia, from Unopiù, made of Murano glass (€ 255).

Cane and teak armchair

Cane and teak are yesterday's materials, which are kept in outdoor collections, year after year. Armchair, by Bauhaus (€ 129).

Cane and teak deck chair

Model Steamer, from the Moycor firm (€ 365 approx.).

Furniture made in Spain

That handmade fiber and cane furniture are still current, as shown by firms such as Tiretta Living, specialized in interior / exterior designs. In the photo, its Pera bank, handmade, in bamboo cane; measures 1.17 x 0.66 x 0.80 m (€ 350)

Sia flower pot

With flower in pink chalk effect ... Planter, Sia signature, terracotta decorated by hand (€ 35 / set of two).

Forest pot

This pot cover was made from a trunk, to which the bark was removed to acquire a refined rustic air. To empty the interior, you need a drill, hammer and hammer ... and follow the advice of the DIY forums.

Green crafts

A simple wooden plank hanging from a tree was a garden swing decades ago. Here, a pallet has been recycled. If you want to know how to do it, enter //

Cushions, ivy and flowers, from Los Peñotes.

Wrought iron bench

The old wrought iron beds become perfect sofas for outdoor relaxation. Bank Justine, of Maisons du Monde, in iron with ivory paint (€ 369.90). Its measurements: 1.55 x 0.77 x 0.88 m

Shadow and privacy zone

A pergola with a vine creates a flirty shade area in this courtyard, which also provides privacy. Pots, clay candle holders and a wall lantern complete the look vintage.