Nordic halls for the most welcoming autumn

Nordic halls for the most welcoming autumn

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Black and white colors, naturalness, comfort ... Nordic style does not go out of style, and these rooms prove it.

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The contrast of white with the frames and simple black furniture, gains a touch of grace with the plants that decorate the environment, and of course, with the chair.

Instagram: Nordic Life Co

Square comfort

An L-shaped sofa with several cushions of cheerful tones that break with the chromatic range.

You can see the rest of the house here.

Nordic and warm

Who said the Nordic style cannot be warm? This house will make you change your perspective.

You can see the rest of the floor here.


A garland of hanging lights is ideal to turn your living room into the most cozy area of ​​the house.

Pinterest: Ana Frias

A touch of pink

The Nordic style also admits colors like pink, and in this living room the sofa is undoubtedly the sweetest piece.

Instagram: My Nordic Room

Elegance in black

Simple lines in black tones, perfect for a modern and elegant living room.

Instagram: My Nordic Room

Art on the walls

Continuing with the black tones, this room includes a polished wooden bench with storage drawers, the best way to take advantage of the space.

Instagram: My Nordic Room


A touch of mint color is ideal to give a fresh and youthful air to this Nordic style lounge.

Instagram: Always Chic Home


A room dominated by stripes and with the fashionable cushion!

Instagram: My Nordic Room


High ceilings, a large window, light, and much, much space. A design room where the chairs capture the eye's attention, the lamp impresses and the tree adds the natural point.

Pinterest: Asunta FFigueroa

Industrial style

The wall of the industrial aesthetic salon is perfect for a casual, modern and comfortable house.

Pinterest: Maritxapix

Natural light

Living room and dining room, all in the same environment of white tones with windows that provide natural light.

Instagram: Deco Cool Hunter