11 delicious cakes with strawberries

11 delicious cakes with strawberries

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Advertising - Keep reading below Strawberry Smoothie Cake

Caution: This cake (which is not baked) can be a great temptation, it will remind you of your favorite strawberry milkshake.

The recipe, in Delish.
Photo by Ethan Calabrese

Classic cake

The perfect dessert (for the sweet tooth) of summer, strawberries give it all the flavor.

The recipe, in The Casual Craftlete.
Photo courtesy of The Casual Craftlete

Strawberry and Lemon Pie

Much better than ice cream!

The recipe, in The Cookie Rookie.
Photo courtesy of The Cookie Rookie

Strawberry Pop Tart

A hybrid dessert that we love!

The recipe, in Willow Bird Baking
Photo courtesy of Willow Bird Baking

Strawberry and Rhubarb Pie

A combination of flavors perfect for spring.

The recipe, in The Adventure Bite.
Photo courtesy of The Adventure Bite

Strawberry Chocolate Cake

Don't stop on strawberries, add a chocolate topping to your cake.

The recipe, in The Gunny Sack.
Photo courtesy of The Gunny Sack

Strawberry and Marshmallow Cake

Mix a cheesecake with strawberries with marshmallow cream and you will get the creamiest cake you've ever seen.

The recipe, in Beyond Frosting.
Photo courtesy of Beyond Frosting

Strawberry cake with cream (without baking)

Perfect for when you have a craving for cake but you don't have time to bake one.

The recipe, in Deliciously Sprinkled.
Photo courtesy of Deliciously Sprinkled

Strawberry and cream pie

The higher the cake, the closer to the dessert paradise.

The recipe, in Leesh & Lu's Recipe Box.
Photo courtesy of Leesh & Lu's Recipe Box

Strawberry and cream patelitos

Your spring parties need these delicious mini desserts.

The recipe, in Crazy For Crust.
Photo courtesy of Crazy for Crust

Strawberry Dumplings

So you can take them wherever you want.

The recipe, in Inspired By Charm.
Photo courtesy of Inspired Charm

Via: Delish US


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