Tips and ideas to tune the garden for summer

Tips and ideas to tune the garden for summer

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Put your terrace or your garden ready to welcome you to a season full of light and aromas. Enjoy the outdoors!

Extends the life of garden furniture

Textiles, from
The Mallorcan.

So that the outdoor furniture is perfect and lasts a long time, try to have them clean and give them the appropriate treatment according to the type of material, since all do not require the same care. Use teak oil for those of wood, you will intensify its natural tone; those of steel and aluminum, clean them with soap and water and do not use scourer; and those of vegetal fibers, remove the dust with a soft brush and wipe them with a damp cloth.

Order under control!

If you want to maintain order on your terrace, your best ally is the outdoor trunk.

Model garden trunk ST Raphaël, 370 € from Maisons du Monde.

A multifunctional furniture that will allow you to have everything well stored and collected. In addition, you will protect the cushions and mats from the weather and decorate with style.

Take out the indoor plants ... Sunbathing!

Many plants from inside they get great benefits if we take them out at Exterior in summer.


The sun, the rain, and even the wind are good for its growth. Just do it carefully. Take them out progressively for 2 weeks and protect them from wind and light
direct solar, until they get used to the new lighting. Then put them a couple of hours a day in the sun and Ready! You can leave them out.

Vintage cans for the prettiest flowers


María Sánchez is in charge of the online store Flowers on the swing, and his goal is that "flowers are part of our life, because thus life is more beautiful." Its preserved flower centers, which do not require any kind of care, will make you fall in love. Since, 35 .

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