The best light for each room of the house

The best light for each room of the house

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In the bedroom
Promote your rest by avoiding intense lights and letting the shadow play relax you. Opt for a general indirect light using spotlights on the ceiling or lamps with the installation exposed. You can add some soft light points on the tables through small table lamps.

In the classroom
In the place where you usually spend more time, integrate natural light with the comfort of artificial light to evenly illuminate the entire room, achieving a pleasant atmosphere. Avoid the gloom. To do this, it has soffits, ceiling lamps or recessed spotlights. Wall sconces throw the beam of light towards the ceiling, blurring it through space.

In the kitchen
In this environment the most advisable thing is to have a uniform illumination, which barely of heat and of low consumption. The best? LED and fluorescent lights. Inside the cabinets, strips and lights with batteries will be good allies to find everything at a glance.

In the bathroom
A punctual light in the sink area, the wall panels and a space (and light) differentiated for the bath or shower area will help relaxation.