These wooden kindergartens will be your favorite refuge this summer

These wooden kindergartens will be your favorite refuge this summer

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Time to enjoy nature

Take advantage of the good weather to go outside and get in touch with nature. Children need to move freely and look for new stimuli To keep growing and learning. If your house has a garden and you have space, you can build or buy a cabin or house, how is this booth Winny, 347 €, from Bauhaus.

Other great booths:

booth House Fantasy

To buy

298,43 €

Prefabricated house

To buy

176,46 €

Funny booth

To buy

427,21 €

booth Two floors

To buy

1.199,95 €


To buy

11,16 €

booth with awning

To buy

434,57 €

booth with porch

To buy

529,82 €

Slide booth

To buy

549,99 €

And if you don't have so much room, you can create a orchard where your children grow their plants with a drawer like this:


To buy 30,09 € of Verbaudet.

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Time to enjoy outdoors

The sun and the longer days they encourage going outside with children to run, play with their friends and have fun.

Søstrene Grene

Balls, ropes, bicycles, buckets and shovels for the sand become his great companions. It is also a good time for table games, but in its maxi version, as we propose from Søstrene Grene: wooden dice, 3,58 € / cu, and Mikado game, 4,06 €.


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