A deco ornament with white painted books

A deco ornament with white painted books

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If you have many old books at home you can collect some to create this do it yourself. It is a proposal of Alchemy Deco, which was encouraged to create a Nordic air ornament. He chose several books that were similar in size and with covers, preferably cloth. The materials are simple to obtain and the step by step very easy to carry out. You dare?

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This craft is suitable for any handyman or manazas. Alquimia Deco has prepared a simple and very colorful DIY. You will have a deco ornament of stacked books to place on a sideboard, desk or bookcase.


What materials do you need?

- White chalk paint
- Brush or brush
- Hardcover or cloth cover books
- Cotton twine

Step 1. Paint the white covers

Clean the books well to remove dust. Paint the tops with white paint. You have to let them dry well and apply layers until they are completely white.

Step 2. Paint the edges and white sheets

You also have to paint the leaves and the edges. You will have to wait for the painted areas to dry to handle the book and paint all the faces.

Once dry ...

When the books dry, you have to stack and tie them. Choose titles that are the same size so that, placed on top of each other, they are aesthetic.

Step 3. Tie the books

Before binding the books you can paste them between them so that they are in the position you choose and do not move. You can also tie them directly with a cotton cord in the shape of a cross, as in the picture.

Step 4. Top the loop

Finish the loop with a double knot or a loop.

The ornament is ready

You are ready to combine with other deco accessories you have at home.

It will be ideal on a desk or reading area

And combined with framed old newspaper covers, glasses, a typewriter ...

Next to a floral ornament

That will put the most delicate note.