ROGNAN: IKEA robotic furniture for mini floors

ROGNAN: IKEA robotic furniture for mini floors

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Have you noticed that the rental apartments are getting smaller and smaller? At least, those in the center of cities (not to mention studies, the most demanded option by university students and newly independent young people). If we add to this the high cost of rentals, agony is served.

And it is that modern life has brought with it undoubted advances, but the massification of cities is not one of them. "More and more people are moving to cities, 1.5 million every week according to some studies," they say from IKEA. For this reason, being aware of the low quality of life that cities offer, the Nordic firm, in collaboration with the startup Ori, has developed a new line of robotic furniture called ROGNAN.

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So far, we have only been able to know one of the furniture in the series, and it's amazing! On the one hand, the piece integrates a bed, a desk and several closets; on the other, a sofa and storage spaces.

How does it work? Very simple: with the press of a button, the furniture moves to one side or the other, conceiving a bedroom, a study area, or a large living room in a matter of seconds.

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The idea is obviously raised for small floors, but it is also perfect to use as a guest room in normal houses.

The only pity is that we will have to wait until 2020 to go on sale, and in principle, it will only do so in Japan and Hong Kong ...

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