An English style house

An English style house

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Although its architecture and exteriors resemble the purest British style, This house is located in a privileged area of ​​Barcelona.

The small balustrades, the columns and the doors with semicircular arches frame the entrance to the house, which has a cozy access patio; This, which acts as a garden, changes its traditional rear location, more typical in a large number of buildings. After crossing this threshold of marked classic flavor, it surprises an avant-garde interior, with surprising architectural solutions. The person responsible for the reform is the architect Joan Sandoval Amat which focused on the breadth of spaces and the search for natural light.

The house has three floors and a loft which are accessed through a unique iron staircase. This design, which is the protagonist just after crossing the threshold, occupies part of the hall and has a large open vertical opening, which allows you to see all three heights. On the ground floor we find the living room, a toilet and the kitchen, independent of the hall by a large sliding glass door that goes unnoticed. In its decoration, eclecticism prevails, full of surprising mixtures that work perfectly. The two upper floors are intended for rest areas and their corresponding bathrooms; one of them organized exclusively for parents and the other for children's rooms.

In the attic a magnificent space for games was created, with access to a small terrace worthy of mention for the spectacular views it offers over Barcelona.

The company Engel & Völkers manages the sale of this property:

Advertising - Keep reading below A room in perfect harmony

Gray and white reign inside favoring the entry of light. In this sense, the strategic location of the furniture also helps. Sofas, for sale in Greek. White carpet with goat hair and wooden side tables from the same store. Wooden elephant, from Sia. FLAT>

Entrance yard

In the entrance courtyard a pleasant dining area was created, with a La Bisbal table and Luzio chairs. The cushions are from Filocolore. FLAT>

Meeting area

Framed by two identical carpets, with long white hair, the seating area is chaired by a gray corner sofa and two original natural wood auxiliaries, which serve as a coffee table. The large-scale works of art have a place within the space in privileged places. Minotti sofa, for sale in Greek. Ceiling lamps, from Punto Luz. Pictures, from Cado. Flores, by Sia. FLAT>

An open hall hall

The previous staircase was demolished and the existing hole was expanded to install this original iron model that presides over the hall of the house. Circular pouf of paper and cotton, Woodnotes and round carpet, by Francisco Cumellas. Coffee tables-stool, from Minim. On the stairs, baskets, by Nani Marquina. Plants, from Sia. FLAT>

An eclectic dining room

Wood, black-finished iron and molded plastic coexist beautifully in the dining room; the atmosphere, of marked eclectic style, was heated with a fluffy carpet of hair. Black dining table and chairs in oak, designed by Hans J. Wergner for the firm Carl Hansen; all for sale in Monim. Carpet, from Greek. Lamp, of Punto Luz.

The details in the dining room

When setting the table in the dining room, we also opted for complements also toned and consistent with the decoration. Black iron dining table, from Minim. Wicker trays pressed and utensils, from Ikea. The white bottles are from Nani Marquina. FLAT>

Kitchen with touches of color

On a discreet basis, predominantly gray, opted for bright red posters to decorate the kitchen walls. Yellow carpets put a special note. Custom kitchen furniture. Countertop, by Corian. Plate and microwave, from Gaggenau. Gutmann's bell. Yellow round rugs, from Ikea. FLAT>

A kitchen for everyone

Slate paint is a great ally in the kitchen; In addition to a modern and attractive solution, it is perfect to leave errands written down, write down the shopping list, menus, etc. Office table and chairs, from Domus. White countertop by Corian. Yellow carpets, from Ikea. FLAT>

An office with natural light

Working in front of a window, with natural light and good views, is priceless; Therefore, the space for office was installed in this room. Also when children grow up, it will be a quiet and secluded place to study without interruption. FLAT>

Very warm master bedroom

In the rest areas, natural flooring was chosen to heat the spaces. Fluffy carpets and warm blankets reinforce this feeling in the master bedroom. Bedding, from Filocolore. Blanket of hair, from Sia. White blanket, from Greek. Appliques, of Punto Luz. Carpet by Ikea. Cushions, from Coriumcasa. Wool doll on the bed, from the firm Nani Marquina. FLAT>

Female details in the bedroom

Flirty details are fundamental in the decoration. Simple floral arrangements and some personal accessories will enrich each environment. Alarm clock and floral arrangement, by Sia. The round marble coffee table is from Minim. Blanket of hair, from the same firm. FLAT>

Functional and flirty bathroom

Sanitary, from Duravit. Towels, from Filocolore. FLAT>


In the kitchen: Coatings such as laminated panels allow to create smooth fronts, practically without joints. Synthetic materials, such as Corian or Silestone, which are used on countertops, can be extended throughout a wall.
An increasingly widespread trend in kitchens is the use of color; years ago they highlighted the striking tones combined with wood, today neutrals, whites, creams, grays are preferred for furniture and coverings.