How are you going to decorate your Christmas?

How are you going to decorate your Christmas?

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When we prepare the house for Christmas, we usually think of him tree and the Belen. However, any home has elements that, adorned, cease to be a simple constructive link to become a focal point of decoration. Doors, stairs, pillars and setbacks show that, with garlands and lights, the Christmas spirit You can reach every corner of the house. Look with a new look at windows and chimneys and let this year the Christmas' spirit Illuminate them with your magic. Christmas decorations also follow the trends. For example, this season there are three lines: Natural, ice and Nordic.

The first is characterized by materials such as wood, branches, leaves and pineapples. The ice trend focuses on ornaments decorated in white, with silver finish details. And the Nordic, in single line pieces, with moose, firs and naive air figures. Resort to false gifts. Although empty, boxes of different sizes wrapped in paper create simple still lifes, but with a great decorative impact. The key: plain designs, without patterned motifs. The combination of packages with brown and silver paper keeps the perfect balance between naturalness and glamor.

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To bring a touch of modernity to the traditional Christmas tree, we suggest you use the classic pineapples by adding touches of color in the form of small gifts in small format.

Custom cotton socks

Custom cotton socks, include
a set of markers with washable ink to decorate with drawings, messages or the name of the recipient. They measure 54 cm, have an external pocket and can be hung from the fireplace. Socks (€ 23.50 each in

Flag garland with message

Stars, wreaths and Advent calendars will enrich even more windows and fireplaces if you make them yourself. Type in the search engine of the words "Christmas DIY" and you will find ideas and crafts with all its steps. Pompoms and snowflakes are carried in XXL size, but they are made on paper to decorate without adding weight. Like this garland of pennants with message, for sale in (9,45 €).

Wreath with painted wooden letters

Do you want to add charm to your fireplace? Turn off the lights and create a magical atmosphere with the fire burning and a luminous star above the mouth. In El Corte Inglés you will find designs with batteries. Garland with wooden letters painted in silver glitter, 70 cm
(€ 9.45 for sale at www,

Lamps and LEDs for Christmas lighting

So that the Three Wise Men and Father Christmas know where they should deliver the gifts, light the window. The collection Stråla, from Ikea, includes multiple LEDs. Individual lamppost 20 cm high (€ 5.99) and set of 3 (€ 5.99); Särdal light garland, 4 m (€ 10) and cone-shaped Stråla ornaments (€ 4.99 / 12)

Advent Calendar

Unlike traditional chocolate models, this giant gingerbread cookie design can be reused from one year to the next. Hanging on the window, it has 24 pockets to store in them sweets, messages or gifts. In 46 x 63 cm (€ 36.99 for sale in
The Contemporary Home).

Star and heart of fiber

Find fiber ornaments, add a red cord and hang them from the window handle. But be careful with the currents: being wicker or rattan, the air that sneaks through the window can hit them and damage some corner. The system Kömmerling 76 It offers windows with six air-tight chambers, which keep the interior safe from gusts of wind, rain and thermal changes. Similar ornaments, in Maisons du Monde.

Glass candle holder

A window with bright Christmas decoration has charm both inside the house and seen from the outside. Crystal candle holders tint the light of the flames; these, aged finish, add an attractive play of shadows. Rainbow (from € 3.75) and Estelle (€ 5). On the windowsill, lantern Sara (€ 15). Everything from Affari.