A kitchen with an office

A kitchen with an office

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For breakfast, snacks, for a light dinner and also to eat daily. The office in the kitchen is more than a dining room, it is a space to share, chat, do homework, have a snack ... There are several options: table with chairs, a space on the counter, a bar with stools ... You choose what that you like the most and make it happen. It is not necessary to have a huge kitchen, just have a good idea to take advantage of the space. If you do not know how to carry it out, let yourself be advised by the new integral service of Ikea specialists, where they will help you from the beginning to the end of the process.

Advertising - Keep reading below With round table

Look at this idea: a round table with chairs is a perfect solution to equip your office kitchen. Although the kitchen is not very large, it has very practical solutions, with the upper part "clear" of cabinets and small shelves. The small dining room - in white, with very pure lines - gives "air" to the space and solves daily meals, breakfast ... besides providing an extra work area.

In an island

Although this kitchen has space for a large dining room, it also takes advantage of the island to "open" a hole under the counter and put two stools, perfect for quick breakfasts or sharing talks while cooking as a family. An exquisite solution.

Two main rooms

On the one hand, the work area, divided into two fronts. On the other, an ideal space for an office has been created, with a table, chairs, a bench and a shelf for dishes. The idea is from Ikea, whose kitchen specialists will help you assemble yours and advise you on what to put according to your space and your taste. Remember that they will be with you the whole process and that they will give your kitchen a 25 year guarantee.

Of wood

For a wooden kitchen, a wooden office, but in another shade, black in this case, in contrast to the pine color of the rest of the kitchen. The breadth allows a large table, perfect for family dining, homework ...

In the bar

Sometimes, putting two stools next to the bar is enough to set up an office. This kitchen, by Ikea, proposes that solution and thus creates a sufficient space for a coffee or a light dinner. Remember that Ikea, with its new comprehensive kitchen service, puts at your disposal its specialists, who will help you take advantage of the space and create the kitchen of your dreams. You just have to choose whether to move to an Ikea store or call them to come home. And they will help you throughout the process.

Pure greatness

With such a large kitchen, the options are several. In this case, you choose a central island that, in addition to being a work area, becomes an office to have a snack, coffee ... thanks to two matching high stools. In the background, a beautiful dining room for family dining.