Andreu Guardi, from Jotun Iberian

Andreu Guardi, from Jotun Iberian

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What differentiates your paintings from others? They are innovative, of the highest quality and awarded, and they are also available in the widest range of colors on the market. Jotun is a leader in tintometric systems, with more than 8,000 machines installed worldwide.

What advice would you give readers on color / paint issues? I would recommend consulting our Color Advisor at It is a free program to see how a space will look before painting. You just have to take a picture of your home stay that you want to paint and upload it to the program. You can easily touch up and try thousands of colors to choose the most suitable for your home.

Speaking of trends, what tones will be worn this fall / winter? Warm whites combined with mustard, purple and intense garnet hues. Shades that the company has included in its letter this year with names as suggestive as Dijon Yellow, Kilim or Masala.

To be happy, what do you need? People who love me and want to be by my side.

A landscape that makes you feel happy ... The fusion of the sea and the mountain.

Whenever you can you escape to ... The incredible coves of the Costa Brava.

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WHO IS: color expert, is responsible for the Jotun Multicolor system, of the Jotun Ibérica paint company.

It is responsible for: applying all their knowledge and experience to have the best tintometric system on the market and contribute to make the brand a benchmark in color and paint.

Natural roasted color

In paintings there is always a color of the year, what is yours? The 10683 Cashmere, a natural toast of our 2017 interior trends chart.

Blue cushions

And on a personal level, what color you can't do without and why. Of blue, a color that transmits calm and tranquility as well as professionalism and gravity.

Paint colors

Your greatest passion is ... . Family and enjoy free time, and in the professional field, of course, color.


You like to travel? What destination would you choose? Yes. I would like to go to the United States - New York and Los Angeles - and to Norway, to see northern lights.


Your favorite deco piece. I am a collector of comic figures. I keep a Tintin bust that I have placed in a preferential place in my living room.


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