A hall decorated in silver and gold

A hall decorated in silver and gold

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The colors of Christmas

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The role of golden tones in decoration is very clear: put a note of luxury and festivity. Elegant and distinguished, the gold color used in excess can be very baroque so, just as it has been done in this room with some ornaments, it must be used in its right measure. A perfect partner? The cozy wood tones, ideal to temper any meeting space.

In addition to giving a touch of delicacy, as with the golden tones, the gray in its silver version transmit serenity and contribute to enhancing the light of any space. However, to avoid that their sober flashes bring too much coldness, they must be accompanied, as is done in Christmas environments, for warmer tones that complement them: the golden ones

2 Christmas ornament Spain

With a heart shape, in silver, € 14.95, in El Corte Inglés

3 reindeer head Spain

To hang, € 4.95, for sale in El Corte Inglés

4 Cushion with golden letters Spain

In 50x50 cm, € 58, at Hübsch Home Interior & Design.

5 The Christmas star Spain

Gold wire and rope, 15 cm in diameter, € 1.15, for sale in Leroy Merlin stores

6 Metal lamp Spain

Standing metal, PS 2014 model. It costs € 49.99, in Ikea stores

7 Blanket Spain

Fringed, ideal for the sofa. It measures 130x170 cm, and costs € 59.99, for sale at Zara Home

8 table Spain

Tray type, € 33.90, at Car Möbel

9 Mini Christmas tree Spain

Folding, with 75 cm height, € 13.99, in Leroy Merlin

10 Vintage armchair Spain

Arizona model, vintage style, in brown microfiber leather, € 299.90, in Maisons du Monde