This luxury interior apartment won a suite after the renovation

This luxury interior apartment won a suite after the renovation

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Bade Interior Design

This house located in a building in the neighborhood of Gros more than 120 years old, on the second line of the beach, urgently needed a transformation that would make the most of every corner.

In this way, a new concept of home was conceived starring the open spaces, and a sophisticated and modern decoration that, in turn, makes small winks to the historical past of the building. The reform, carried out by Bade Interiorismo, consisted (in broad strokes) in Rearrange the common areas and add a third bedroom suite. Let's see it in detail!

Related content A renovated manor apartment in Eibar The common areas were reorganized in the plant. The result has been a large kitchen living room dining area, connected to each other. Bade Interior Design Bade Interior Design One of the objectives of the reform was to move the history and architectural style of the building into the interior of the house. This is clearly seen in the detail of the walls worked in plaster. Bade Interior Design On the other hand, the mixed structure of wood and concrete is visible in the whole house. These have been previously treated and in some cases reinforced. Bade Interior Design Bade Interior Design Bade Interior Design To obtain greater privacy at the entrance to the house, a black lacquered metal enclosure combined with textured glass was designed. Bade Interior Design

The original distribution was very fractional and did not exactly meet the wishes of the customers. To adapt it to their needs, the rooms of the bedrooms located in the northeast wing were maintained and a third bedroom suite was created, adjacent to these first two.

Related content Dream bedrooms with relaxation areas The washbasin in the bedroom suite was custom designed almost two meters long, and was made of black Marquina marble, extracted from the quarries of the Basque Country. Bade Interior Design Bade Interior Design Bade Interior Design

To furnish the house, brands such as BoConcept, Modernica, By Lassen, Enea, Hay, Fogia, Treku, and Noctis were chosen. And as for lighting, firms such as Vibia, B.Lux, Kundalini, Deltalight, and Menu.

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