36 ideas to decorate the stairs

36 ideas to decorate the stairs

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Advertising - Read on below Illuminate the hall

The entrance to this restored 1800 country house was originally painted in two shades of green and had shelves that dwarfed the space. Now, a rug and a simple wall hanger contrast with the bright white of the staircase to welcome guests and make them feel at home.

Photo: Helen Norman

Vintage gallery

Old portraits decorate the staircase of this house and create a unique space. This peculiar art gallery is also a good topic of conversation.

Photo: John Ellis

100% prints

The wallpaper on the walls and the carpet on the stairs create a beach atmosphere that is both fun and elegant. Try this and other summer ideas for decorating your country house or beach.

Photo: Tria Giovan


Place a carpet to add color and interest to the ladder. This old stair carpet in this 18th-century house is a reminder of the inhabitants who occupied it over the years.

Photo: David A. Land

Coastal decoration

If you had not noticed that you were near the beach before entering, the green sea staircase will give you a huge clue. Built in 1855, this house tells about its history and its location through pastel colors and period details, and picnic baskets give it a very natural touch.

Photo: Gridley and Graves

Timeless black and white

Before the renovation of this 1850 house in New York, the stairs were decorated with an oriental rug, and the walls were bright salmon pink. Now, the white walls contrast with the dark steps, and a simple Moruna star welcomes.

Photo: Stephen Kent Johnson

The wall of art

The artworks decorate the entire wall of this staircase, adding color details to the space painted in white and gray.

Photo: David Hillegas

Floral staircase

As firm advocates of continuous spaces, the owners of this house used floral wallpaper for the staircase and the bedroom.

Photo: Max Kim-Bee

false laminate walls

To give a new look to the walls without much expense or work, the owner of this rural house drew horizontal lines with pencil on the wall of the stairs.

Resistant materials

If we talk about building materials, the star of countryRonnie Dunn opted for the toughest options at his Tennessee farm. On the walls: white oak wood planks that create a striking contrast under the stairs.

Photo: Paul Costello

Navy style

The Garnet Hill carpet and the porthole-shaped mirror reinforce the nautical atmosphere of the staircase of this family home, painted in blue Big country blue from Benjamin Moore. The trunk is a find in a local market.

Photo: Bjorn Wallander

Black and polished

The painted railing, along with some other black details, bases the space and prevents the red, white and blue palette from looking like kitsch in this house.

Photo: Annie Schlechter

Sensation of height

The owner of this wooden cabin changed the railing for steel pipes to the roof.

Photo: Sarah Dorio

Numbered stairs

In this staircase the steps painted in black have been numbered.

Photo: Max Kim-Bee

To the natural

To open the staircase of this charming cabin, the owners covered the roof and replaced the walls with a row of birch logs that were dried in an oven for five weeks to prevent contraction.

Photo: Dominique Vorillon

Memories of Panama

A hammock, a hat and fiber bags decorate this curved staircase. The frame is painted in orange Orange fireball by Benjamin Moore.

Photo: Max Kim-Bee

Colorful details

The owner of this home painted the custom-made sliding door to create contrast with the black and white staircase.

Photo: Max Kim-Be

Bright white

A striped rug adds color to this simple staircase in this house. The owner inherited the old bank from the former owners of the house. The walls are painted white Monterey White from Benjamin Moore.

Photo: Max Kim-Bee

Rustic railing

A nautical rope acts as a railing as an original alternative to the standard railing.

Photo: William Waldron

Elegant opening

Designed by architect John DaSilva, the lobby columns at the entrance of this staircase emulate the classical Greek pillars.

Photo: Miki Duisterhof

Deep and dark

For the stairs that go up to the second floor, the owner of this country house had an old carpet.

Photo: Roger Davies

A fashion ticket

The staircase wall of this house is wallpaper with the model "La Marchande d'Amour" from Clarence House. The owner bought the Art Deco lamp from the 40s in and the collage at the Terenchin Gallery in Hudson, New York.

Photo: Miki Duisterhof

A lovely space

The staircase space in this cabin doubles as a mini museum of old tools and implements, including a rake, a wire trap, and some old glass buoys. The cage lamp was acquired in Val Maitino Antiques; The hinges of the cabinets are from Whitechapel.

Photo: Gridley + Graves

DIY staircase

Painted Home Depot brass numbers add an original touch to the stairs of this house.

Photo: Lucas Allen


The carpet of Woodard and Greenstein is the protagonist in this staircase.


Hanging small works of art on the stairs will capture the attention of all eyes, as seen at home.

Photo: Lucas Allen

Eco-Friendly Deco

In this house, an old book was recycled, Art Forms in Nature, in a gallery of sheets to decorate the walls of the stairs.

Photo: Lucas Allen

Treat outside

The owners of this peculiar house incorporated a stone wall of their old house, as well as the old exterior stairs in which their daughter is located. A wooden column acts as a coat rack.

Photo: Victoria Pearson

Traditionally white

In the lobby of this house, a vintage bronze and glass ceiling lamp, a table with a 19th century leather envelope and a Persian Tabriz rug combine perfectly with the staircase.

Photo: Max Kim-Bee

Rustic details

This handrail made of an oak trunk cut from the garden of the house, adds a warm and rustic touch to the stairs that lead to the game room.

Photo: Gridley + Graves

Art Gallery

Instead of expensive works of art, the owners of this house chose landscape paintings to adorn the wall of their staircase. The initial post is for a lantern, a trophy, even a pheasant ...

Photo: Anson Smart

Extra storage

The owner of this house devised these ingenious wooden stairs, to store sheets, candles and games.

Photo: Christopher Baker


Decorator Lisa Teague chose the color palette for her entire house, which she shows on the steps of the stairs, so that it is the first thing people see when they enter through the door. "I wanted to make a statement, but subtle," he explains.

Photo: Bjorn Wallander

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