10 summer rooms ... outdoors!

10 summer rooms ... outdoors!

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With the arrival of heat, the blankets disappear from the sofas, and the sofas go ... outside! This is demonstrated by these outdoor lounges that will conquer you as soon as you see them. Go!

Advertising - Keep reading below In the forest

With privileged views of the forest and plenty of space to enjoy. For power, they could organize even live music concerts!

Pinterest: Cati Rotger

Pure elegance

The choice of furniture and the combination of plants give this terrace a very sophisticated air.

Pinterest: Fran Robles


If instead of a terrace, you have a small balcony, decorate it with Nordic style and many seedlings, you will see how cozy it is!

Pinterest: Elena Leyva Muñoz


All in white for a bright and light-filled terrace.

Pinterest: Guerrero Blount Estate Sotogrande


A garland of lights, candles, and the warmth of the carpet and wood. Not a beautiful corner?

Pinterest: Boris Nonameov


The wooden beams of this porch still preserve the natural imperfections of the logs, something that blends perfectly with the environment boho chic.

Pinterest: Carmen

French luxury

Oh la la! Would you like to live in this Parisian house with terrace? We love the wall of plants around the chairs!

Pinterest: Pau Gomez

A pergola with style

With wood everywhere and pieces of natural fibers. A simple and stylish terrace!

Pinterest: Aldo Álvarez

From social gathering

If you design the sofa area in a circular way, it will be much more comfortable to meet your friends, and if you add a garland of lights, the nights will be spectacular!

Pinterest: Almudena Morales

A hippie touch

The coffee table made with a wooden pallet is ideal to create a very informal atmosphere chill.

Pinterest: Amparo Ponce


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