Ducks to water! 10 mats you will need in your pool this summer

Ducks to water! 10 mats you will need in your pool this summer

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Do you know what is sadder than a pool without water? Indeed, a pool without mats! Because summer is synonymous with color and joy, Instagram accounts full of unforgettable moments, and you will not be less! So go preparing your favorite swimsuits, because when you see our selection of inflatable mattresses, you will want to make a book with each of them ...

Advertising - Keep reading below Panda Bear Getty

Have you ever seen such a lovely mat? You can now buy a drone to take pictures that cool! From Amazon.

Sweet cherry Getty

No, these cherries are not eaten, because they are a tray to hold drinks in the water! So you know, if you want to have a Pacha-inspired pool, don't miss this mini mat! Shopbop

Inflatable rainbow Courtesy FunBoy

Can you imagine what it would be like to rest your head on a cloud, while your body rests on top of the rainbow? Well now you can check it directly in your pool. Shopbop

The other way Courtesy

Another rainbow-shaped mat, but this time, your body will fall asleep before a very spongy cloud! From Amazon.

A peacock Courtesy

Until now, the flamingos and swans were the fashion, but this year the peacocks have been stomping, so… get ahead of the trend! Floatie Kings

Ice cream sandwich Courtesy

If you want to overcome your ice cream addiction, this is probably not the right mat to get it ... From Amazon.

Castaway Courtesy

If you are going to be shipwrecked in your pool, do it on a mat like this island! If you even have a little palm ... From Shopbop.

Strawberry Courtesy brand

A classic style float with a very sweet design. Essential in your pool! From Amazon.

A floating pineapple Courtesy

Pineapples are still one of the summer icons par excellence, and this mat demonstrates it. From Amazon.

Gold shell Courtesy

It is not gold, but it seems, and it will become the piece more glam from your pool! From the English Court.


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