Ten ideas to say yes to the lanterns

Ten ideas to say yes to the lanterns

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The lanterns They have also become the object of desire when decorating other rooms in the house. Perfect and elegant to create a still life where you can leave the objects in a hall, a small reading corner in the living room or a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. Do you dare to say the 'yes, I want' to the lanterns? Here are ten ideas with which you will not hesitate.

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Decorating a window with them will be your new masterpiece when you check its versatility. On the windowsill or in the form of a garland, accompanying them with flowers and small containers to which, by adding a small wire, you can turn them into vases.

Get inspired by romantic proposals like the one he proposes H&M Home.

Warmth and relax

The truth is that they are the favorite accessories when decorating outdoor spaces for spring. With aromatic candles they create warm and relaxing environments that are second to none.

The lanterns in the image are signed by Car Möbel.

With a vintage touch

Those that combine aged metal and glass are perfect for environments with a vintage point. The one in the picture is from Zara Home (30 €)

Romanticism on white

There are also those that add handmade romanticism with die cut metal and aged in white like this, of A loja do gato preto (10 €)

Reading corners

The most minimalist and passionate about the Nordic style defendant will find in environments like this, of House Doctor, the perfect corner for coffee or reading a book. Dressed with the natural touch of the plants, the lanterns put the warm finish hanging from the spherical tree in translucent tinted glass.

Navy brush strokes

It's time to resume the classic style navy, also in details like this lantern Zara Home (€ 30), of painted wood and ropes.

Make them yourself

If you set your mind, you can create spectacular pieces yourself. Pour it and imagination and using cans of canned food, cut small holes with a multitool like the Dremel 4000. Make two small holes on the sides to place a wire and hang it as a lantern after having given a few layers of paint according to the environment where you are going to install it.

Those in the image are proposed by Car Möbel.

With ropes

Natural ropes in the marine style are in fashion. Choose them in lanterns as attractive as this one, from Zara Home (30 €)

For exotic environments

You also have the possibility of adding a unique and exotic touch to any corner with these pieces. Choose them in colors such as dorado, mustard, pistachio green, purple night or raspberry. The one in the photo signs it A loja do gato preto (8 €)


Not only of quadrangular and trapezoid shapes are these pieces served. There are more original ones with rounded and spherical shapes ready to brighten up any corner of your home. This, toasted metal with stamped flowers, is of Zara Home (40 €)