A house open to the sea

A house open to the sea

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The bohemian spirit of the seventies set the tone in the design and construction of this Malaga home located on the coast. And it is that the comforting rumor of the waves and the relaxing view of the sea offer peace and tranquility to the owners of this idyllic house open to the horizon. Accustomed to the rush and obligations of a large city, the definition of this place goes far beyond a mere holiday residence; It means having time to cook, walk, approach the beach bar, for long tables in the garden, surround yourself with great friends ... Valuable sensations to treasure propitiated by a flirtatious and very personal decoration. A feeling that spreads throughout the house; from its distribution, with the living room and bedrooms open to the sea, to the use of the large porch as an extension of the interior. This space, so cool in summer, enjoys marked Andalusian influences reflected in its generous white arches and in the traditional bougainvillea climbing up the facade. With large windows, which favor its enjoyment even in winter, it has become the favorite meeting place for the owners; A huge dining table and numerous chairs are enough to enjoy your particular paradise in the best company.

It is this same attitude, relaxed and positive, the predominant decorative pattern in interior design and it shows. Pieces rescued or composed of elements taken from nature coexist with simple newly acquired furniture, chosen design works and memories of some trips. Perhaps the key to combining decorative trends so different in the same space and that is balanced is the presence of a white chromatic base in the structure, coatings, carpentry, basic textiles and furniture. The touches of color are imposed on the accessories.

So you get really designed bedrooms to rest, without superfluous ornaments or excess color. All this, coupled with the successful use of natural light, broadens the feeling of rest and multiplies tranquility. From this harmonic sensation one starts and returns to it; It is the clear message that emerges from each of the environments that make up this home to which its owners arrive with joy and from which they never want to leave.

Advertising - Keep reading below A room with space for everyone

A large corner sofa chairs the living area as a solution to the need for numerous seats without hindering the exit to the porch. The upholstery, removable and washable white cotton, facilitates comfort without worrying about stains. Ikea sofa and coffee table. Cushions, from Lexington. Estera, by Juani Marchán. Basket, from Zara Home.

A lounge with sea flavor

The most beautiful lighthouses photographed in black and white and framed identically are an excellent decoration for a living room overlooking the sea. Striped cushions and details in blue and white complete the subtle marine inspiration. Photo frames purchased at Ikea. In the foreground, wooden and enea benches, purchased in Tools.

A porch with views

The pleasure of eating, dining or having breakfast looking at the sea is priceless; hence the large porch is equated precisely to enjoy it to the fullest. Both the large table and the comfortable chairs and the large sliding windows make it possible to enjoy it in summer and in the winter months. Tablecloth and napkins, from Lexington. Household, by Ikea and Zara Home.

A kitchen to enjoy without hurry

Cooking without haste, innovating but over low heat, is one of the great passions of the owners of this house, who opted for a square-plan kitchen where more than one person could work at the same time. The adhesive floor stands out, with a wood-like finish, acquired at Leroy Merlin. Cloths and aprons, from Lexington. Household, by Ikea

Winter dining room

The interior dining room, simple and small, is inspired by the classic rural environments.

Spectacular vinyl

In contrast, the wall was covered with an immense photograph that shows three cutlery of carved silver. The combination is spectacular. Everyday items in their expanded version are excellent decorative motifs in any room. Here we bet on the XXL format to dress the wall.

Main bedroom

The master bedroom was conceived as a suite, with the integrated bathroom and a small corner dressing room. Highlights the large headboard, which covers the entire wall, made by the owners as a frieze. The ceiling lamp was acquired on a trip to Morocco. Curtains, from Ikea. Photo frames, from Zara Home.

Dressing room

The little dressing room in the corner. Bedding by Lexington.

Recycled furniture

Recycled pieces, souvenirs and crafts are excellent decorative pieces for the bedroom.

A charming bathroom

The linings with valances and the white lattice cabinets are the originals of the bathroom; to animate it, we opted for towels and details in deep red and white. Towels, from the Lexington Spring collection. Red and white braided basket and wall hanger, from Ikea. Red bag, from Zara Home.

Guest room

The guest room welcomes couples, friends or family alike; so it was decided to place two twin beds that can be separated or joined as visitors prefer. And so that the atmosphere is always perfect, the headboard was conceived to serve both versions equally; It consists of an elm branch and two cushions hung with loops that allow them to be joined or separated in a single gesture. An idea was easy and put into practice.

Sea air

The sea air of this room predisposes to a pleasant stay. From the direct exit to the porch and the garden, to the decoration, so suggestive and bright, invite you to enjoy the well-deserved rest. An old map book acquired at a street market was the perfect excuse to decorate the entire wall. Its pines, framed with identical moldings and placed in a row, give a fantastic result. Bedding by Lexington. White carpet, for sale in Ikea.