Achieve in your kitchen the retro style of the American "diners"

Achieve in your kitchen the retro style of the American "diners"

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There is something that makes diners feel at home. Of course, food and comfort has a lot to do with that, but also bar stools, bright colors and nostalgic memories are all part of the experience. So what could be better than achieving that cozy, retro look in your own kitchen? Do not worry, we are not talking about spending a lot of money on reforms, but rather about some practical details to recreate the atmosphere of the time.

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If you don't want to spend in an oven or in a retro fridge, you just have to add touches of color throughout the kitchen. In this case, the walls in yellow make the room radiate optimism, and the details in classic red color brighten even more. The look Retro is complete with mint green countertops and bright lamps.

A step back in time

You have noticed that diner they had the most watches cool? Watches with phrases, with neon lights, the diner They have mastered the art of telling time like nobody else. If what you are looking for is a step back in time with a more classic option, the typical red clock never fails.

Take a sit

In addition to food, the protagonists of any diner They are the chairs and stools. Usually red leather seems to say "sit for a while." If you do not want to fail to put by classic red chairs. And for a more economical option, try stools or retro dining chairs in red, black or mint green.

Checkered floors

To complete the retro style, combine the furniture painted in green with a black and white checkered floor.

The tiles are found in most renovation stores and there are different varieties. If you do not want to change the entire floor you can paint the tiles yourself.

Renew appliances

A 50s style Smeg fridge adds all the charm and color in a small kitchen. But if you don't want to make a significant expense, choose to renew smaller appliances, such as a Smeg toaster, a popcorn machine, a can opener or a toaster to make hot dogs.

Do not forget Coca-Cola!

Even if you don't regularly drink soda, Coca-Cola's role in American culture cannot be denied. Stamped on everything from boxes, refrigerators, syrup dispensers ... the Coca Cola logo has made the brand an icon.

Incorporate the brand into your decoration with a straw dispenser, on the kitchen tablecloth or with Coca-Cola napkins. Surely you find something retro pop object of the brand in antique markets.

Paint the kitchen furniture

For a achieve a look from diner more successful, he paints the kitchen furniture as well as the office furniture. Colors like green or dusty blue are the perfect shades to achieve the retro style vintage in the daily dining room.

Art by the walls

Wall decoration is a simple way to reinvent the kitchen. One proposal is to decorate the walls with signs or words like 'Eat, "Diner' or 'Kitchen' (the brighter the colors, the better). If you are looking for something more authentic, opt for advertising posters vintage (like this one of the '60s), traffic signs, old car license plates or framed vinyl. You can find everything on Amazon or eBay.

The protagonist

It's hard to find a "diner" without memories (posters, old vinyl records, small figurines and more) in honor of the icons of the 1950s like Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean or the Beatles.

For your kitchen, look for a small framed photo for your art collection on the wall or these funny salt shakers from Elvis Presley and a jukebox.

Lets the music sound

Music was one of the protagonists in the old diner, and there are ways to copy it at home. A Jukebox Real size would cost a lot, but you can opt for modern equipment with retro design, such as a CD player or Bluetooth Speakers Jukebox.

Retro accessories

The fastest way to move your kitchen back to the golden age of diner is achieved with the right accessories: From cookie jars of the time to dispensers for ketchup and mustard or cups like diner

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