Houses that wear catwalk

Houses that wear catwalk

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Goodbye to the most important catwalks in the world of fashion, which are ahead of the garments that will hang in our closet next season.

National and international designers have gone through the fashion weeks celebrated in Madrid, New York or London as well as the 080 Barcelona Fashion. Parades in which we have discovered what we will carry in the next autumn-winter.

We have reviewed the outfits essential, the most striking or trend and we have analyzed how the interior of your house should be according to the garment that hangs from the bar of your closet. A fun analysis that will become, like these designer garments, in a must from .

Advertising - Keep reading below The bold red

Who doesn't have something red in the closet? Although it is a bold color, on occasion we want to dress with it.

The same happens in decoration. Without abusing, but its strength is undeniable. In this room heats and animates a set in neutrals. Without his presence, it would not be the same. See other corners of this living area in A family house distributed in height.

The designer Esther Noriega introduced the long design with front opening in the Madrid Fashion Week.

Flashy prints

Always bold and daring. You always have to use the prints carefully, but without fear. Abuse of smooth and neutral around to leave all the prominence. On a carpet, on a wallpaper on a wall, on maxi cushions ... Here, on a plaid in the bedroom, at the foot of the bed. You can see it in A flat with the charm of the past.

It will certainly be your choice if you choose a design like that of Jorge Vázquez, An ode to the femininity of women in their seasonal collection.

Rosa quartz at home and on the catwalk

One of the colors of the year in decoration: the Rose Quartz A tone that has also been seen on the catwalk in the fashion designer's collection Jorge Vázquez, in the Madrid Fashion Week.

A color that combines well with other pastel shades and with more intense colors. In this room, in Nordic style, the notes in soft colors stand out. This house is not wasted. It is in Mallorca. A multifunctional loft on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Geometric and stripes in black and white

Geometric and black and white stripes are kept on the catwalk. And at home they always work. In any color range they have strength. In black and white, more.

Geometric motifs on the carpet and cushions are mixed in this room. The natural light that floods this dining room is the perfect complement. Look A house with lots of light.

The simple and abstract geometries in clean, wide and volumetric cuts were the leit motiv from the collection of Devota & Lomba for the next winter season.

Hair Details

Especially for winter hair textiles (long or short) are perfect to give warmth and comfort to a space. In this room, whites and neutrals are abused throughout their range of intensities and textures are mixed. No doubt the hair details fit for all those in the closet have a fetish garment in this finish.

Look A renovated farmhouse surrounded by olive trees. The whole house has the same style!

This outerwear is from the firm The 2nd Skin

Yes to the colors

Colors, mixed with each other, with joy. The result is dynamic, vital and casual.

This house "knows" enough. A central and bright apartment.

María Escoté It leads to the fantasy kingdom of Equestria with its garments. This dress, seen in Madrid, is inspired by the rainbow.

In orange

Another warm and vital color. This bathroom moves away from the coldness thanks to its use in the front of the sink. The rest of the pieces, blank.

A renovated and very bright house It has a white interior design with many brushstrokes of color.

The model on the catwalk sports a fashion designer's dressing room Christopher Kane, seen in London fashion week.

The vitality of yellow

Vitamin C for this bedroom. Its decoration is personal. A headboard with black and white stripes and the yellow sparks that transform it completely.

If you dare with boots in this color and a look Blank, why not opt ​​for the same composition for your home? Look An old apartment completely renovated.

Model María Escoté for autumn-winter 2016-2017 at the Madrid fashion week parade.

Mix black and white stripes and squares

Pictures on the tablecloth and stripes on the enclosure that delimits the kitchen of this house. Thus, the office It has natural light.

Discover this kitchen in Sober and bright floor.

Signature TCN mix pictures and stripes in black and white in this model of the 2016-2017 autumn-winter collection seen on the catwalk in Barcelona.