14 IKEA hacks to put order in the kitchen

14 IKEA hacks to put order in the kitchen

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DR Advertising - Continue reading below Use the slatted bed sheets as wall storage

With this hack you will convert the sheets of your IKEA bed base into the perfect storage for the wall. You just have to place some hooks and hang your kitchen utensils!

Photo: Ich Designer

Install a base to charge the mobile

To keep your hands and countertop free while cooking, use a basket and place it on a bar with access to the plug. In this way, you can charge your mobile without worries.

Photo: Polka Dots In The Country

Add extra drawers

The shelves are great for storing kitchen utensils, but when it comes to food, removable drawers are the best solution to have everything at hand.

Photo: IKEA Hackers

Smart storage under the sink

Although they were created to store spatulas and other spoons, these containers are very useful for storing sponges and wipes under the sink. You just have to put some adhesive stickers, and voila!

Photo: Tatertots & Jello

Use a cart to store what does not fit in the closets

The IKEA RASKOG cart is perfect for storing all those boats that don't fit in the closet, or that you simply prefer to have on hand. In addition, if visitors arrive you can hide it quickly thanks to its wheels.

Get an extra island

The BILLY bookcase by IKEA is perfect for creating a kitchen island with storage in sight, since the back is completely open and you can have accessories, cookbooks, and whatever you can think of!

Photo: Golden Boys & Me

Display your cookbooks as pieces of art

The rails to place photographs will be beautiful in your kitchen, and you can display your favorite cookbooks as if they were an authentic art collection.

Photo: Apartment Therapy

Add extra seats for your guests

If you have a kitchen that is too narrow, use IKEA BEKVAM stools when visitors come, and in the meantime, store them under the table.

Photo: Design Sponge

Hang up your favorite herbs

If you want to design your own garden in the kitchen, use this IKEA wine holder and place the herbs in glass cups.

Photo: Curbly

Lengthen the size of your island

Sometimes you need more counter space (for example, when you cook a pizza), and the IKEA BEKVAM cart is perfect for it thanks to its wheels, since you can move it and join it to the island whenever you want.

Photo: Oliver and Rust

Organize your glasses

If you want to have the glasses near you, use the IKEA spice shelves and place them on the closet wall next to the sink. You'll appreciate it when you're thirsty ...

Photo: The Painted House

Add wheels

In this photo, an IKEA bookcase with wheels and countertop fits perfectly under the table. And if you need extra seats, just remove the shelves and store several stools inside.

Photo: IKEA Hackers and Jules Yap

Tidy up your spices

If you love cooking, you need a place to have all your spices in sight. Here, 68 IJEA RAJTAN vessels, rest on four RIBBA shelves. Impress, huh?

Photo: Duhbe

Get a storage in harmony with the style of your kitchen

If you have a rustic-style kitchen, add a wooden countertop to an IKEA cart and paint it in a color that matches your decor. You will get extra wonderful storage space!

Photo: The Kitchn

Via: House Beautiful US