Renew your windows

Renew your windows

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Turning off the lights when leaving a room is one of the habits acquired by most to Reduce electricity consumption and save on the bill. That gesture and many others count, no doubt, but it is also true that there are constant energy losses in a home that can be avoided. It's about the heat and cold leaks through the windows. Being more aware of the expense and waste of energy that cause not one, but all the old windows that a house has, it will be easier to make the decision to change them and choose the new ones, waterproof and windproof, with aesthetic criteria and energy efficiency. The same happens in the case of considering making a glazed enclosure on the terrace.

In many houses there is a habit of having the heating on at all hours in winter and still, being cold; and of suffering excessive heat in summer, even with air conditioning. Years go by and nothing is done ... Knowing two data may be enough to convince yourself and change the windows. The first is this: energy consumption in heating and air conditioning accounts for 45-50% of the consumption of the home. The second: the installation of efficient windows can reduce energy losses up to 70%. Obvious conclusion: that the first percentage of consumption is reduced when the house is well insulated in its envelope, its skin.

As regards the facade, efficient windows, and also the insulating materials, they manage to reduce the energy consumption of the house in the first place, but they have two immediate benefits for those who inhabit it: acoustic insulation and thermal comfort. In short, installing efficient windows means living in a house that is more respectful of the environment, because less energy is consumed, but it also leads to real money savings and enjoy greater wellbeing indoors in the hot and cold months.

- Highlights the multiple opening options and refined design for large windows, from firms such as Technal and Kömmerling, with light and easy to use sliding systems.
- Low emissive glass or reinforced thermal insulation (ATR) which, assembled in a double glazing, increases energy savings. As an example, the double glazing SGG Climalit Plus Reinforced Technical Insulation, from the firm Saint-Gobain Glass. More information in www-climalit.es
- Profiles are increasingly slender, as perceived in PVC systems Zendow # neo standard and Zendow # neo Premium, by Deceuninck, made with Linktrusion technology, of high insulation, which makes possible more stylized profiles and a larger glass surface; its advantages: great interior brightness and better exterior visibility, www.deceuninck.es

On the part of the companies of the sector there are numerous initiatives directed to inform on the advantages of the efficient windows and in general on the energetic rehabilitation. For example, Deceuninck and Saint-Gobain Glass are two of the firms that participate in "Invest in your home", an initiative of the iEnergy company, focused on achieving improve the energy efficiency of the building in Spain and coordinate all agents in the sector through the iSave Platform, a housing and building savings simulator through www.isave.es, free access. It offers the user an estimate of the energy rating, a solution to improve their property and the savings they would obtain, and has an option to access products from manufacturers, at special prices.

The manufacturers of glass and window frames present new energy efficient techniques, which provide more thermal insulation in the home. In new construction and renovations, it is about installing windows with a carpentry and a glazing that limit the energy demand.

Advertising - Continue reading below Window made with PVC profiles

In single-family houses, the windows must be adapted to their use, whether new construction or renovation, to be functional. Window made with PVC profiles, from Deceuninck, available in more than 45 colors.

Solar control glass

Blinds, curtains, blinds, awnings and overhangs are allies to avoid a dazzling beam that also creates an annoying greenhouse inside. Another solution to consider: glass with solar control. More information on the Saint-Gobain Glass website; look at the range SGG Cool-Lite

Glazed porch

Glazing part of the porch, terrace or roof of an attic allows you to enjoy the feeling of being in an outdoor space, even if the weather is unfavorable. You only need to choose a quality enclosure, with glass that offers high thermal insulation. Another added advantage is that useful area is gained and housing is revalued. In this case, the living room was extended with a glazed dining room with glass from Saint-Gobain Glass.

Windows to avoid heat and cold losses

In lofts. Diaphanous distribution, quality coatings and large gaps in its facade, which flood its space with clarity, define most of these homes. The windows, which attract so much attention in these types of houses, must be efficient to avoid heat and cold losses.
Your advantage: thermal insulation in winter and heat protection in summer.

A bathroom almost in the woods

In this environment, designed by Patricia Gestoso, from Estudio Ide, the large windows establish a direct link with the garden. In these cases, the glazing must guarantee optimum insulation against atmospheric conditions. Perfect for this is the glass Climalit Plus, from Saint-Gobain.

What about security?

There are solutions that guarantee high performance. This is the case of the new Hermet 10 window, with a 70 mm section that provides thermal and acoustic insulation, and has an anti-theft closure. Above, a combination with a fixed panel -which highlights the garden- and tilt-and-turn openable door, to ventilate safely.

Openable door with panoramic window

So common is to find a combination of one or more fixed sheets with other sliding and practicable, such as several sliding and panoramic. It will depend on the environment, the orientation, the distribution of the rooms, etc. Here, practicable door with panoramic window.

Windows without profiles, infinite horizons

For those who want nothing to interfere with the views or enjoy a closed terrace, but with the feeling of being outside, there are glass models that are installed without profiles. They are collected by sliding to the sides and folding like an accordion. It is the case of Invisiglass, from Jorkon.