Decorate with plants: Its green and freshness will make your home more trendy

Decorate with plants: Its green and freshness will make your home more trendy

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In small doses

Group several plants, combine them with candles and decorative details, and play with heights to create a charming still life. This is the infallible formula of the flirtatious styles that we like so much. You will need species of mini and medium sizes, and pots with legs or pedestal.

Top photo: From the collection Botany, from Primark: pots (€ 3, € 5 and € 7), minicactus (€ 3 and € 5), air freshener (€ 8) and gold platter (€ 10).

Jungle air

Urbanites across the planet connect with nature by decorating their home with lush vegetation.

Join this trend and create a mini or maxi indoor garden. What if, in addition to plants, you redecorate a corner as if it were a vergel?

Cushions made with fabrics from The GlassHouse collection, by Sanderson, in Gancedo (from € 67.70 / m)


More and more people sign up to have natural plants that grow in number and ... size! Social networks are an immense visual garden in which proposals succeed with a jungle look based on palm trees, ficus or monsteras. Surround yourself with them and share your photos.

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Magnet effect

Everything from Affari.

A maxi cactus stands out for its organic forms in any environment, but try to raise it ... Pure visual attraction! On a pedestal or a stool of raw look, Like this, it becomes a living sculpture. Spectacular, in addition, the mural composition with braided trays.

Trunk stools ... Total Trendy!

Nature in your home

Take a little piece of nature to any corner of your house. A table like this, in addition to being ideal for outdoor environments, will fit in the living room area, next to the sofa. Model HK Living, in 40 x 30 x 40 cm (€ 75).

Nordic air

If you are a fan of look scandi, get a piece like this to boost the Nordic air of the decoration. Side table made with wooden logs, from Artglobale. In 40 cm in diameter
and 40 cm high (€ 140).

Side table

Use it as a side table, stool, bedside table or to place a pot with plants. These pieces also look great in children's rooms. Design by House Doctor. Its measurements are 48 cm high and 31 cm in diameter (€ 125).

Charming table

The drawing of knots and veins gives these objects a beauty and a special charm, in addition to turning them into unique pieces. You will not find two alike!

Nordal table for Car Möbel. Its measurements are 40 cm high and 30 cm in diameter (€ 109.90).

Trunk with three legs

You will find designs with a treated finish, which are visually lighter than solid pieces. This model, from Lef Living, combines the trunk with three legs. It measures 53 cm high and 35 cm
in diameter (€ 79).

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Goodbye to the sherds without interest

Red mini greenhouse (€ 39.99) and vase (€ 22.99), from Maisons du Monde.

For your favorite plant to grab all eyes, you just have to choose a stylish pot cover. The braided fiber in natural color or painted are fashionable. Find the one that best fits the decoration.

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Look at yourself a lot ...

Add a little green to the bathroom and you'll be closer to creating that atmosphere of well-being that is breathed in a spa. Make a hole in a stylized stem plant and beautiful leaves in the front of the sink, and you will see how your mood improves.

Clay jug used as a pot, soaps, bathroom accessories and mirror, by Ib Laursen.

Without fear

There are many plants suitable for bathing, but before running to the nursery, it is better that you ask yourself a key question: how many hours of light, direct or indirect, does the space have? For those who are somewhat dark, Sansevieria is an option: it grows in low light and only needs watering every two weeks.

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