Yellow Minion ... Get ready for the deco in the most energetic and fun color!

Yellow Minion ... Get ready for the deco in the most energetic and fun color!

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Whether you are a fan of the Minions or not, we will surely conquer you with these deco ideas in a very special yellow ... Banana!

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Advertising - Keep reading under Happy desktop

With such a desk you want to work until Sunday!

Pinterest: Fabiola Tellez

Stools with glass

You will not tell us that the breakfast bar does not win a special glass with these stools ... With lemons and matching telephone!

Pinterest: Apartment Therapy

An animal salon

What a good vibes! A warm and cozy lounge where cushions with animal prints add an extra sweet spot. You like?

Pinterest: Silvia Huerta


What a ladder! Now we understand the meaning of the song Stairway to Heaven

Pinterest: Ventamueblesonline

To the fireplace

The best way to reinvent an old fireplace is to dare to paint it with a color like yellow. Impress, huh?

Pinterest: Enoelis Espinal

Vitamin bath

Entering this bathroom is like putting on a CC Cream... good face effect instantly!

Pinterest: Julia + Espais

Recharge the batteries while you sleep

If you want to fill yourself with energy, in addition to eating well ... choose a bed like this!

Pinterest: Ana Juan

Stylish dining room

Nothing better to lift the mood of a dining room than these chairs in yellow. How about the combination with the wooden table?

Pinterest: Renata Coura


You hadn't thought about it, huh? Well look what change just by painting the interior frame yellow ...

Pinterest: We Are Lovers

In the children's bedroom

They more than anyone need joy and vitality around them, and a bedroom with details in this color will make them wake up every day with a smile ... Fiance!

Pinterest: María Julia

Chic tubes

Surely you have not seen a more original bookshelf than this ... made with tubes!

Pinterest: Delikatissen

With grace

Although it is a detail as tiny as this yellow lamp, the dining room gains another grace, don't you think?

Pinterest: Katherine Mead

Pop art

A Pop Art beauty salon needs a sofa like this. Perfect for uploading to Instagram ... now!

Pinterest: Patricia Ciano

With print

If you want to give more character to the room, you will get it with a yellow Victorian print wallpaper, but do as in the photo and put it only in one part, so you will create greater visual impact!

Pinterest: Minol Shamreen

A touch of color

It only took this chair to give the living room a special spark. Would you put it in yours?

Pinterest: Yamil Rabbat


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