Before and after: a fresh, open and very bright kitchen

Before and after: a fresh, open and very bright kitchen

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Talitha Bullock

When interior designer Meghan Price, of the Maple & Plum Studio, acquired this Seattle house built in 1941, she found an old-fashioned space that had not been touched since the 1960s. Its previous owner, a 99-year-old woman, had lived in the house since its construction, and now it was up to Meghan to face the challenge of reforming it.

The interior designer, who wanted to transform the kitchen reflecting her style, also wanted the space to be liked by future buyers, in case she decided to sell the house in a few years. Therefore, he tried to find a balance between a fresh, modern, and above all, clean environment.

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One of the keys to the new design was to release the walls of the upper cabinets, paint them white, and add a meter-like tile front in the same color. So that the set was not too bland, Meghan added different textures and materials, combining metallic finishes, with wood and vegetation, distributed over several floors throughout the kitchen.

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When throwing the walls that separated the food from the dining room, a new concept of kitchen was conceived, leaving the original oak wood floor in sight.

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Now the dining room is a bright area, which invites you to spend long time with your family.

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After the reform, the kitchen has become a multi-purpose area, perfect for informal dinners, but also to accommodate a large number of guests.

Meghan Price proudly posing in her new kitchen. Talitha Bullock


The original kitchen had two doors: one facing the hall, and another to the dining room. Maple & Plum Maple & Plum The floral wallpaper gave it a retro look. Maple & Plum

DATA OF INTEREST:Kitchen surface: 25.54 m2
Duration of the reform: 2 and a half months
Project and information: Courtesy of Maple & Plum.