Duplex of classic environments

Duplex of classic environments

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The interior designer Mercedes Postigo He was in charge of decorating this house, located in the Madrid town of Torrelodones

Their owners, a young marriage with a girl, knew the work that this professional had done in homes of friends. Therefore, they knew that Mercedes's ideas and good taste matched his own. Before starting with the decoration, he proposed some works with which the house would gain in breadth, luminosity and functionality.

For example, on one of the living room walls, between the two existing windows, opened a new window; and in the dining room, He replaced the door with a sliding glass pane. In addition, the two bathrooms were completely changed and the electrical installation was renewed. Created the stage, the next step was to choose the color range that would predominate throughout the house. The owner wanted something special, different, and between the two they made thousands of color tests until, in the end, they decided on a palette of warm and clear tones: stones, toasted and raw stain walls and upholsteries. The selection of furniture was also a shared task: the decorator combined new pieces with others that the marriage already had. In general, they opted for white painted wood furniture subtly mixed with darker finishes. The distribution of furniture was the idea of ​​Mercedes, who studied the best disposition so as not to obstruct the passage of light and create comfortable, clear and well-used environments. On the ground floor, 50 m², the living room, kitchen and a toilet were located. The living room, with two twin sofas arranged at an angle, stood in the brightest area, facing the door leading to the terrace; a couple of seats visually separate this atmosphere from the dining room, located next to the fireplace. The first floor, of 61.50 m², was used for the bedrooms. In the main one, the different materials that were used to cover the walls help to define the rest area of ​​the dressing room: the first one was painted in stone and the second one was decorated with raffia and wooden moldings. The girl's room was papered with vinyl designs in coordinated tones, same as the bathroom. Here, the sinks are semi-embedded in an iroco wooden furniture designed to take advantage of a wall recess. With the aim of optimizing the space, other customized solutions were made, such as the niche of this room or the shelves that flank the fireplace in the dining room.

Advertising - Keep reading below The walls of the room were painted in stone;

This tone, besides being decorative and very relaxing, helps to highlight the pieces of dark wood. It was decorated with two twin sofas, classic line and upholstered in toast, which were placed at an angle. Low shelf in white painted wood, Calamobel signature, and coffee table, in El Globo Muebles.

For the decoration of the dining room, white painted wooden furniture was chosen.

The chimney is flanked by a couple of work shelves that were painted in the same color of the wall. Table and chairs, by Calamobel, in El Globo Muebles.

A sliding door was installed in the dining room

with glass quarters to acid that allow the passage of natural light to the stairwell.

In the kitchen, elongated,

the cabinets and appliances were installed along a wall. This distribution left enough space to locate an open dining area, with natural wood furniture.

The wall of the girl's room

it was covered with two vinyl papers in the same tones: the smooth, darker, was reserved for the baseboard, and the rest was covered with a patterned model. Both are topped by a white painted wooden slat like the skirting board. Papers, from Home & Garden. Furniture, from VTV.

With the combination of green and white tones,

a cool and serene atmosphere was achieved in the master bedroom. The white painted wooden furniture alternated with some dark piece. Muebles, from El Globo Muebles. Bedding, from Abaka. Pictures, on the way home. The blinds and the carpet are from Ikea.

Detail of the master bedroom with its bathroom in the background.

The spacious dimensions of the room allowed to create a small corner of living room with a dark wooden sofa. To differentiate this area from the rest, the wall was decorated with raffia and wooden moldings. Raffia, in Asmer.

In the bathroom,

To take advantage of the wall setback, a custom piece of furniture was made in iroco wood. Towels and toiletries are stored in baskets on the lower shelf.

To have a practical shelving

without subtracting space to the bathroom, a niche with iroco wooden shelves was made on one of the walls.


Do you want a serene and elegant dining room? Combine these tones: ivory 1107 and pastel gray 1101; and choose green details to make it cooler, pastel green 1106; from Titan.