Alejandro Vázquez-Palacios, of Veka

Alejandro Vázquez-Palacios, of Veka

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What are you working on now? We will shortly open Espacio Futura, a meeting point for architects and professionals in the sector designed for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge on energy efficiency.

What do windows contribute to interior decoration? They are the perfect complement for the reform of the home, both for the energy saving, as for the renewed and updated aspect that they bring to the house. In addition, PVC windows can be ordered in almost any color, with innovative finishing technologies such as Veka Spectral.

To start the day well, you need ... Motivate me, defining what I am going to do personally and professionally.

In your opinion, happiness is ... The sum of moments and attitudes.

A landscape that makes you feel happy? The Vigo estuary.

You would get lost in ... Any place with things to discover and to do.

Any favorite deco pieces of your house? Any picture of my sister, Amelia Palacios. I have several at home.

Advertising - Keep reading below Alejandro Vázquez-Palacios

Marketing director in countries of southern Europe and North Africa, Veka company, specializing in PVC carpentry systems for windows.

It is responsible for defining, developing and coordinating the marketing strategies of the company's products and services.

Optimal insulation

Your company manufactures exterior carpentry with PVC profiles for windows and large systems. As an expert, what are the keys to an ideal window? An optimum level of insulation, an adaptation to the local climate, an aesthetic adapted to its surroundings, a rigorous placement and top quality materials, starting with the PVC profile.

PVC window

Three reasons to change the windows. The first, the savings it entails. Second, the contribution to the environment. And the third, the comfort they provide. Nowadays, the PVC window in relation to value for money is one of the most profitable and accurate decisions when it comes to renovating at home.

History books

How do you disconnect? With walks, sports and history books.


How do you disconnect? With walks, sports and history books.


Your happy moment of the day would you say is ... The morning shower.