The house of "The father of the bride" is for sale

The house of "The father of the bride" is for sale

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When producers were looking for locations for the remake from The father of the bride (1991) starring Steve Martin and Kimberly Williams, chose an impressive Renaissance and colonial style house in Pasadena, California, which would serve as the home of the Banks family. However, the backyard was apparently not up to par, so they chose another house next door with a large basketball court that would serve as the setting for the film. Located at number 500 of Almansor Street, this house is now for sale. And after 25 years, the basket is still standing.

It is a small sample of the set but, in our opinion, it is the most significant; after all, without a doubt the sweetest (and tearful!) are the encounters between Annie and her father on the basketball court. Annie's wedding scene was also recorded on this property.

Built in 1925, the house is similar in style to that of Pasadena and if we had 1.98 million dollars we would buy it without thinking. It is an absolutely perfect colonial and Renaissance architecture. The entrance door has a beautiful amount and lights, while the interior has a living room with walnut panels. Do not miss the spectacular glazed terrace at the top.

The house increased its cache when it jumped to the screen in 2005 in the movie Guess Who, starring Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac.

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