Susana's letter: "Happiness is hidden in a 2x1"

Susana's letter: "Happiness is hidden in a 2x1"

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This month I discovered that Happiness hides in a 2 x 1. And I don't mean the offers -which also, why are we going to deny it-, but the meters of a terrace. Just enough to place a chair, a table and feel like the queen of the world. Mine measures exactly that and, when I have seen how it can be thanks to the report Shopping Balconies, I have come up. I confess that one of my secret pleasures is to lean on the railing and watch people go by. I imagine that girl who runs in tights likes to train at home. Or that the hipster who walks, coffee in hand, seeks inspiration to finish the advertising campaign that he carries on the laptop.

Tune up your terrace! Lantern of Maisons du Monde, suspended pot of Black Velvet Studio, deck chair Maui of Habitat and Frida cushion by Albert & Moo.

And I think… look how good it would be for them to keep an eye on the Examples Halls, so flexible, that you can organize the areas you want in them. Yes, I love sitting in the sun on the terrace and savoring the moment. That is called ichigo-ichie. Did you know? Well, get yourself , Sit on the balcony and find out.

Susana González. Chief editor @susideco

Editorial published in the May 2019 issue of (on sale since April 15).

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